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There’s also a news feed that supports text, images, and video. Employees can contribute but you have to approve their messages. Homebase’s equivalent is its announcements feature that lets you pin important messages to the app dashboard. Team members can request a portion of their wages via the app before payday.

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ShiftForce is a workforce management solution designed to help shift-to-shift businesses increase their overall efficiency, sales, and profitability. Our goal is to help streamline employee scheduling, improve team communication, and improve tracking among actionable items and insights within your business. If you run a shift-to-shift business, you understand the importance of small details.

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Payroll softwares, so you can record timesheets and export to payroll with a click. You can also assess them feature by feature and see which software is a better fit for your business. Don’t forget to ask for a demo first before subscribing to experience how the program can help you in real setting. However, Deputy doesn’t have built-in payroll like Homebase, which means you have to manually export your timesheet data or choose from its range of integrations. You can also let staff clock in using biometric verification.

Deputy also supports integration with several payroll platforms on the market and offers performance management functionalities to the users. Support is provided via phone, employee guides, and other online resou… With a few clicks simply upload your employee database to your new online staff directory. Never worry about keeping track of random time-off and shift change requests.

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Deputy mainly focuses on scheduling, time tracking, and messaging and other essential tools like payroll are only available via integration. On the other hand, Homebase is an all-in-one HR solution that also includes accounting and hiring tools. Deputy offers a real-time attendance feature where employers can receive live updates about employee shifts and breaks. Employers can set their employees’ schedules ahead of time and see shift schedules in real-time.

Deputy is the ultimate employee management tool, simplifying scheduling, time-sheets, tasks and workplace communication. If a software is going to suit many businesses the company needs to be open to discussions with all types of businesses so that the software is adaptable. It is time consuming to interact with this forum – they waste time repeating your questions, responses are very condescending, they have no power to make any changes. While this may suit some businesses it does not suit mine and I am sure I am not alone. Unfortunately this leaves the door open for staff to be fraudulent and defeats the purpose of a clock on/clock off system.

$40 + $6 per active employee

That means you can leave messages for the evening or night shift without unnecessarily including the day staff. Although Deputy also has labor forecasting, you can only access this feature in the Enterprise plan priced toward medium to large businesses. So, Deputy might not be a cost-effective option for small businesses.

  • Deputy’s manager journal is a close equivalent of Homebase’s manager logbook.
  • That’s essential when you’re busy running a business and need to keep your operations as simple as possible.
  • I can request for leave, take a break during the scheduled shift and also view how many hours in total I have for the day, week, month in the schedule section.

It can assist with workforce scheduling, performance management, time tracking and payroll. Float is a resource management platform used by teams big and small, from 5 to 5,000+. Manage your capacity on autopilot with direct calendar integrations, custom work hours, and public holidays. Connect Asana, Jira, Teamwork, Trello, Slack,and more via direct integrations. Access your schedule, assign tasks, and log time on the go with the mobile app on iOS and Android.

Access your schedules anywhere on any device with desktop software, web access and mobile apps. You can also view in other tools like Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and more. Deputy is a time saving and scheduling software that can manage any type of business easily and efficiently. With the software, users can generate staff schedules that fit into their budget and are according to team availability. The companies can also notify the employees instantly by application, mobile or via the web.

On the other hand, Deputy has a more international customer base and their app supports eight languages. Homebase charges per location which means you don’t pay extra as you hire more staff. Whereas Deputy charges per employee so it’s more cost-effective for very small teams of two or three people. Click “Import Deputy hours” – this button will be displayed when you are processing payroll for hourly employees. More updates on system features/upgrades to come More training for Support staff on system set up Doesn’t do ‘Modern award’ interpretation.

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Instantly see who’s available, who needs off, and who has asked for shift trades. In-depth training topics such as custom pay condition and complex overtime rules by city/state/county are examples of what your organization may need to increase Deputy rollout. 1Rivet can assist you from project management, requirements gathering, configuration, pilot testing, integration with other systems, and roll-out of deputy across entire organization. We can configure your Deputy instance, customize your account settings, add your people, enable awards and define custom pay conditions specific to your organization. To enable data enrichment or custom data extraction not supported by existing Deputy integrations, 1Rivet can build or extend a custom data exporter specific to your data provisioning needs. Users have access to self-learning resources and can contact support experts 24/7.

You can also import schedules or duplicate shifts so you don’t have to re-enter information you’ve already typed out. Deputy also offers a Flexible Weekly Plan for businesses that focus on short-term events or temporary staffing. With the Flexible Weekly Plan, you pay per user on a weekly basis instead of monthly. Point of sales softwares to provide you with real-time insight into business performance.

Companies can easily find the appropriate staff to cover shifts with the push of a button. They can also use the Artificial Intelligence of the software to forecast labour demand and can create advanced schedules to match them. With Deputy, it is very easy to manage employee’s leave balances and requests.

Popular Deputy Integrations

It offers a range of features and is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, making it easy for employees to clock in and out from anywhere. With its integration with other business tools, such as payroll systems, Deputy simplifies billing and paying employees. Quick and easy, drag and drop scheduling enables you to add, edit, move and reallocate events with a simple mouse click or move. Quick resource allocation and the ease of updating your schedules will save you hours of time, while the assistant prevents overbooking and ensures any critical skills are covered. Schedule any type of resource and asset with all your groups of resources in one place. Plan all your people, clients, projects, equipment, training, tasks and any other important activities you need to track.

Users can also see the schedule to know when they are expected to work. Our Deputy integration eliminates the need for manual data and calculations. Once timesheets are in OnPay, PTO, vacation time, and overtime hours are accrued and tracked automatically. You can even customize payroll reports to get a closer look at all the employment costs that impact your bottom line. Deputy’s help page provides a variety of resource articles to assist users with common issues. Some of the topics covered in the articles include assistance with setting up the platform, scheduling, employee management and mobile app assistance just to name a few.

Track hours, verify timesheets, and finish payroll with help from one tool. An employee scheduling software that helps you take control of your staff so you can focus on running your business the right way. With this, users can concentrate on actual collaborative work.

Workzoom is the all-in-one Talent, 7 most important kpis to track as a small business and Payroll solution that engages your employees, enlightens your leaders and helps you grow your business. Bring your whole team together with a centralized hub for accessing personal information, company updates and much more from any device. Enlighten your leaders with insightful dashboards, informative analytics and on-demand reports so they have what they need to make great decisions. Workzoom will do your administrative heavy lifting to save you countless hours of tracking and organizing information while eliminating repetitive data entry. Reclaim your valuable time while gaining powerful business insight so you can get back to focusing on what you do best.


To start with, their employee scheduling software offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes setting up a schedule simple and easy. Deputy goes beyond basic scheduling functionality by working with your saved preferences and learning from previous weeks to populate ideal shifts on its own. WebHR is a Social all-in-one HR software that covers entirely from “Hire” to “Retire” for the most important asset in your company – your employees. WebHR will make it easy for your HR team to start managing your HR effectively and efficiently. WebHR is an indispensable tool not just for HR but for the entire company.

Use filters to create custom reports and data-rich company graphs. Enabling organisations to have a comprehensive view of their on site and remote workforce, whilst easily managing employee records, holiday and sickness absence. WorkforceHub is a unified solution for time and attendance, scheduling, applicant tracking, benefits management, and employee engagement. It’s the HR tech platform that scales as a business grows while delivering the mission-critical features an organization needs.

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